Midsummer Sewing

It being July 27, I think it is officially midsummer not according to daylight but due to the calendar. The community plot garden continues to struggle. It actually looked its best a week ago when we had the warmest temperatures of the summer, but then it went backwards after a monsoon-like rain a few hours after I had left that very day. Even the plants that are known to be easy to grow are struggling, now mainly due to poor drainage. Being the optimistic Planet Nice, there are already some ideas to improve the situation for 2020 including numerous trenches and sculpting of mini-swales. But enough of the garden plot’s woes, there was a bit of sewing happening last week. I purchased this summer dress a year ago as I liked the fabric and colors:

It is a size small and I thought too it may be interesting to upcycle it to make something potentially more interesting like a trendy jumpsuit. After a recent re-examination, I made the decision that it would get the most use as a dress (plus I …

Introducing Planet Nice Crafts’ Finished Bean Bag Chair

Hello Everyone. I apologize for being absent the last three months. It has been a very busy 2019. Since I last posted during Spring Break, I completed the semester but it was busy until the very end which was not until May 18. I don’t think I will be taking 4 classes or 12 credit hours ever again – it was much too rigorous. Overlapping with Finals week, the community garden opened. This Spring was really tough for gardening: record rainfall, grey skies, and cold. I set out plants and seeds. The plants have been struggling, but now that we have more seasonal weather, they and a second planting of seeds have fared better. On the heels of ending the school year, the employment year began. There are still several classes I plan to take, but now I hope to devote more time to employment – a good idea to keep Planet Nice Crafts spinning on its axis. That is the update.
I left the bean bag chair way back in late January after a first attempt at the zipper. I find zippers tough. I have read tha…

Spring is Here

Hello Readers!

Well, it has been so long since I posted that Google/Blogger no longer recognizes my computer as a device. I apologize for the drought in postings - the 12 credit hours this semester has stretched me rather thin. I have even done TWO quasi-all-nighters (I do get a few hours of sleep but the brain is still working). I have been back at the College of Lake County Costume Shop but actually my hours have decreased there this semester so I can't blame that for the lack of posts. Out of the 12 credit hours, the class that is probably the most interesting to this audience is my art class, Two-Dimensional Design, as opposed to Engineering Graphics, Web Design and Development, and Technical Communication Practicum. Our first project was a collage, here is my turned in assignment:

These assignments are different from Planet Nice Crafts projects because there is a hard deadline... no excuses. The second project used ink pens which were completely new to me.

This project gave me a…

Winter Wonderland

After a mild start, we are in the thick of a nice normal Chicago winter with plenty of snow and cold to go around. The days are getting longer and the Southern exposure of the sun, when it decides to come out, is the best light ever. To go with the weather, the Spring semester started – it must be a sign that time should be spent indoors on homework. Before moving to Planet Nice Crafts updates, I would like to share this Ralph Pucci advertisement, found in a recent issue of Architectural Digest. I think the chair bears resemblance to a bean bag chair, don’t you think?

The last week of Winter Break was very productive with two museum visits and progress made on the Planet Nice Crafts bean bag chair.  The construction of the cover started with the pocket – specially cut so it would blend with the one of the panels. I hope you can see it below.

The big stitches are temporary basting stitches used to keep the pocket in place while the pocket was attached by machine stitching. The six panels…

We Made It!

We made it through the holiday season and Planet Nice Crafts’ first year to 2019 and the blog’s second year. As predicted, the holiday season was quite hectic with cleaning, shopping, writing out cards, baking, decorating, wrapping presents, cooking meals, and socializing. It was sometimes a blur, but I am happy with how it all turned out.  I hope all of you had an enjoyable holiday season.
As for the holiday recovery process, it has concluded. The Christmas tree is gone, the chairs are back in storage, and any leftover cookies were put in the freezer. This is good news because the new Winter semester is starting next week Tuesday. What put the final touch on the transition was the resuming of Planet Nice Crafts activities. The bean bag chair was initiated. This has been a good project because it has given me an opportunity to become more comfortable with a plaid fabric. The chair has two layers: a lining bag that will hold the pellets and an outer bag. The pattern suggested to use a …

First Hours of Winter

In these first moments of Winter, I would like to send seasonal greetings to you on Planet Earth from Planet Nice. At the moment, there is a pause in holiday preparations to just catch my breath.

What has been the recent activity here at Planet Nice Crafts? Finishing up the semester and then cleaning, lots of cleaning. It is always good to start a new season with a freshened up, cleaner setting. This cleaning extravaganza did include the craft room which alone needed sessions across three days. It probably does not look any different, but that is OK. I did attend an activity at the Newberry Library as part of Art Design Chicago called Chicago Style: Typography and the City. A year ago, I didn’t know what typography was beyond changing the size and fonts in Microsoft Word. Now, at least I know there is a design area of typography. Some definitions are:
Typeface: a family of graphic characters that usually includes many type sizes and styles Font: collection of characters of a single size …

First Major Winter Storm Happening

Hello Everyone! I know it has been a long long time, and I again apologize for that. School activities tied me up as I spent considerable time in October and November sewing in the costume shop of the Theatre Department at the College of Lake County. The latest production was A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen. One of my main projects was this velvet jacket:

This project was interesting to me as it was the first time I worked with velvet. Because of the necessary speed, I did not spend time worrying about matching the stripes at the seam lines, the main goal was just to cut fabric as straight as possible.  The fabric was quite stiff so we handled it as much as possible to create a little of the worn look. I had the opportunity to take these pictures but I only had my phone with me and with such dark fabric, some magic with Adobe Photoshop was required to have visibility.
No progress has been made on the decided upon bean bag chair but instead some Planet Nice logo work was done during a few…